About Cornerstone Realty and Rentals

Thank you for choosing Cornerstone Realty and Rental, LLC. We are a customer service orientated company that has specialized in the management of single-family homes for the past serval years. We have been managing rental properties since 2005 with a professional, well- trained staff of leasing, property coordinators, maintenance scheduler, and accountants. As a property owner, you have many options for renting out your home: self-management, contracting with a management company. When finding the correct route for yourself, one will find out it is often a full-time job.

Cornerstone Realty and Rental assists with a variety of different owners, including first time investors, retirees and busy professionals. We are experienced, professional and committed to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the best support and with valuable property management.

Whether you are looking to rent out your existing property, or if you are looking to sign a lease to rent one of our properties we currently manage. Our management concept is hands -on approach, communicating with homeowners and tenants on a regular basis.

One if the most important aspects of our relationship with both owner and tenants is a good communication between parties. We firmly believe that commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct is the way of doing business We at Cornerstone Realty and Rental would like to make it into blessing instead if a burden